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Less explored places in Dharamshala - Dharamsala Tea Company, Mann Tea Estate and Tea Gardens Dharamshala

Dharamsala Tea Company, Mann Tea Estate and Tea Gardens Dharamshala

Mann tea Company is now proud to be an ISO 9001 company. In 2011 it has obtained ISO tag. Dharamshala Tea Comapny is located in the outskirts of Dharamshala and boasts of beautiful Tea gardens spread across thosands of acres of land. Dharamshala Tea Company was established around 130 years ago in 1882. The tea gardens in Dharamshala can be seen from Chilgari to Narghota and also near Kunal Pathari Temple. Dharamshala Tea Company produces various varities of Tea that includes ‘Black Orthdox Tea , Green Tea , Oolong Tea, White Tea & Formosa Pouchong Tea’ . Most od the tea is exported in the Europian Markets.

Evening walk around these tea gardens will make you feel delighted. The lush green gardens and jungles offer dust free climate around these places in Dharamshala.

Location of Dharamshal Tea Comapny and Tea Factory  
GMS Mann is the proud owner of a huge Tea Estate in Dharamshala. The Tea Factory of Dharamshala tea Company is located in Narghota village  around 3 Km from the Inter State Bus Stand Dharamshala. Mann Tea Comapany owns thousands of acres of land where tea gardens are spread. The tea gardens of Mann tea Company ranges from Chilgari to Narghota till Kunal Pathari Temple.

Tea Factory is open to the visitors and tourists during working hours. People are welcome to see how the factory operates and prepare world class tea which is exported to number of countries. The people will also make you aware how the tea is grown and what is the difference between a good quality tea and a bad quality tea.

Mann Tea Factory produces White, Black, Oolong and Green tea and it is possible to observe the different stages of tea production

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