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HRTC Bus timings from Delhi to Rampur and Reckongpeo

Bus timings from Delhi to Rampur and Delhi to Reckongpeo
Delhi to Rampur in Himachal is about 515 kms. There are two direct buses from Delhi to Rampur. The direct bus from Delhi to Reckongpeo also go via Rampur.

The first bus from ISBT Delhi to Rampur departs at 18:35 in the evening and reaches Rampur at 10 AM. The other bus is from Delhi to Reckongpeo and departs at 20:10 in the evening. It reaches Rampur at 11:45 in the morning. It reaches Reckongpeo at 16:45 in the evening.

Fare from Delhi to Rampur is Rs 460 in the ordinary bus from Delhi

Fare from Delhi to Reckongpeo is Rs 575 in ordinary bus from Delhi

For the latest updates and change in schedule Kindly confirm with the HRTC Inquiry Offices at Delhi or Dharamshala

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