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Travel Information Barog Solan, How to reach Barog, Tourist attractions in Barog

Barog, Solan How to reach Barog

Barog is one of the most peaceful and calm places in Himachal near Solan. People who love peace and who wich to spend some time free from all the hustles and bustles of life love Barog. The nature lovers come to this place and sit for hours watching and enjoying the beauty of the place which is calm and free from pollution.

You can take a toy train from kalka to reach Barog. Barog has the longest tunnel in the Kalka Shimla route.

Places to visit in and around Barog Solan

4 km long tunnel in Barog and Barog Railway Station in Barog amidst the forests is must watch

Solan town is around 10 kms from Barog. Solan has many famous temples like Shoolini Devi, Devi Durga, Narasingh and the Sanatan Dharam.
Church in Chambaghat during the British era is about 12 kms from Barog.
Forestry and Horticulture University at Nauni is located around 16kms from Barog.

The famous Buddhist Dolanji Bon Monastery is about 18 kms from Barog.
The famous Jatoli village and Lord Shiva temple are also at a distance of 15 kms.
Rajgarh valley is located at a distance of 53 kms from Barog.

Hotels in Barog
Hotel Pinewood in Barog is one of the best hotels in Barog for the tourist visiting this place. Hotel Pinewood is the self-contained destination resort.

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