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Bus Schedule Bus timings from Dharamshala to Jwalaji Kangra Chintpurni

Bus Schedule Bus timings from Dharamshala to Jwalaji Kangra Chintpurni

There are number of Himachal Roadways and Private buses that ply between Dharamshala to Jwalaji. Many long route buses take Jwalaji route. All the buses from Dharamshala to Delhi or Dharamshala to Chandigarh go via Jwalaji. Buses coming from Shimla to Dharamshala or buses going from Dharamshala to Shimla also go via Jwalaji.

The same buses you can take from Kangra to Jwalaji. All these buses from Dharamshala go via Kangra and Jwalaji.

The buses from Dharamshala going towards Delhi and Chandigarh go via Chintpurni. If you want to go to Chintpurni by bus from Dharamshala you can take any bus from Dharamshala which is going to Chandigarh or Delhi. Direct buses from Dharamshala to Chintpurni Temple are also available.

Distance from Dharamshala to Kangra 18 Kms

Distance from Dharamshala to Jwalaji 52 Kms

Distance fro Dharamshala to Chintpurni 75 Kms

Distance from Delhi to Jwalaji 445 Km

Ditsance from Chandigarh to Jwalaji 200 Kms

Bus Timing and Buses from 
Dharamshala-Haridwar [Ordinary] 15:00 Pm

Dharamshala-Shimla Via Chandigarh [Ordinary] 8:00 Am

Meclodganj-Delhi [Ordinary] 18:45 Pm

Dharamshala-Shimla [Semi Deluxe] 8:22 Am

Meclodganj-Delhi [Ordinary] 20:15 Pm

Dharamshala-Chandigarh [Ordinary] 10:24 Am

Meclodganj-Delhi [Semi Deluxe] 18:00 Pm

Dharamshala-Shimla [Ordinary] 12:00 Pm

Dharamshala-Shimla [Semi Deluxe] 19:45 Pm

Meclodganj-Delhi [Ac Tata] 20:30 Pm

Dharamshala-Hoshiyarpur [Ordinary] 5:20 Am

Dharamshala-Rohroo [Ordinary] 5:30 Am

Dharamshala-Shimla [Semi Deluxe] 21:30 Pm

Dharamshala-Parwanoo [Ordinary] 6:50 Am

Dharamshala-Delhi [Ac Volvo] 20:00 Pm

Dharamshala-Ganga Nagar [Ordinary] 16:10 Pm

Dharamshala-Shimla [Ordinary] 6:00 Am

Dharamshala-Rohroo [Ordinary] 5:00 Am

Dharamshala-Nahan [Ordinary] 9:10 Am

Dharamshala-Chamunda-Delhi [Ordinary] 16:00 Pm

Ghaniara-Dharamshala-Hoshiyarpur [Ordinary] 7:30 Am

Dharamshala-Bilaspur [Ordinary] 12:55 Pm

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