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Famous Temples in and Around Kangra Pilgrimage places in Kangra

Famous Places and Temples to Visit in Kangra HP

Kangra is one of the historical cities in Himachal Pradesh. The small ancient town of Kangra though was destroyed during the earthquake of the year 1905. Kangra is famous for many temples and thousands of devotees from all parts of the country visit Kangra. It is also a very beautifual and fascinating place.

Brijeshwari Temple in Kangra

Brijeshwari Temple is one of the most famous temples and once it was the most wealthy temples of Kangra. It is located at the heart of the town. The temple is one of the fifty one holy Hindu Shaktipeeths. The temple is also famous for being the targets of many invasions including one by Mahmud of Ghajni.
The Chamunda Devi Temple near Kangra

Chamunda Devi Temple is very famous and is located on the bank of river Baner popularly known as Banganga. The holy dip in the Ghat located near temple is very auspicious for the pilgrims.

Distance of Chamunda Temple from Kangra is 16 Kms, distance of Chamunda Temple from Dharamshala is around 20 Km

The Jwalamukhi Temple near Kangra

The speciality of Jwala Ji Temple is that it does not have a idol of Jwala Mata. There is a flame from centuries buring which comes out of the rocks and the flame itself is treated to be the Godess Jwalamukhi. .

Distance of Jwalaji
The Jwlalji temple is situated at a distance of 38kms from Kangra and 55kms from Dharamshala.

The Rock Temples in Kangra

The Rock temples are situated in Masroor Village in Kangra District. The ancient temples in Masroor were built from 720 AD to 800 AD.

For comfortable stays near the temples in Kangra there are many hotels, cottages and srais. Rooms are available here at very reasonable rates

How to Reach Chamunda Devi Temple

How to Reach Chamunda Mata

How to reach Jwalaji Temple

How to Reach Jwalamukhi

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