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Chail Information Himachal Pradesh - Places of Interest and How to Reach Chail

How Plan a Trip to Chail Shimla from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Punjab Haryana

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Do you know which one of the best hill stations near Delhi is? Do you know the best hill station near Chandigarh Punjab or Haryana? Do you know about Chail in Himachal? Are you planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh and want to visit Chail? Do you know how you can plan a trip to Chail from Delhi or Chandigarh or Punjab? Are you aware that Chail is very near to the queen of hills Shimla?

Chail is one of the best hill stations near Chandigarh or Delhi. You can plan a weekend trip from Punjab, Chandigarh or Delhi to Chail.

History of Chail in Himachal
Chail is one of the beautiful and panoramic hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Chail is located on the Sadh Tiba Hill at an altitude of over 2220 meters in the Shimla District of HP. Distance of Chail from Shimla is around 45 km from Shimla. Chail used to be the summer capital of the princely state of Patiala now in Punjab.

There is an interesting story about the establishment of Chail. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was getting closer to the daughter of Lord Kitchener, the then British commander in Shimla. When he got to know about this relationship he expelled Maharaja Bhupinder from Shimla. The entry of the Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was into the then summer capital of the British, Shimla. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh felt so insulted with this ban that he decided to establish a new Hill Station which was much better than Shimla and at an higher altitude. He searched and traveled many places and finally found Chail which was a tiny village of Chail near Shimla and also at an higher altitude. The Maharaja already had huge plots of land in this small village Chail as a part of ancestral heritage.

He selected this site and decided to make his summer capital here in Chail and started developing this small village into his summer capital.

There were many interruptions when while building his capital as the buildings collapsed and there were many snakes so the Maharaja took help of a sage and to avoid the omens Bhupinder singh first built a temple to honour the sage. The temple that he built in his honour is now known as the Sidh Baba ka Mandir..

Maharaja Bhupinder also built a grand mansion at an altitude of 2,226 metres in the Rajgarh Hill. The property that includes, woods, peripheral cottages, sports and recreation facilities, orchard, are now under HPTDC, Himachal Tourism. The mansion of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh is now a beautiful Palace Hotel in Chail and a destination resort.

Chail also boasts of the world's highest cricket pitch. The highest cricket ground in Chail was constructed after leveling the top of the hill. Chail also has highest and polo ground built in 1893. You can see Satluj Valley, Shimla and Kasauli from Chail’s hill top at night. Chail also offers an exquisite view of the snow clad Himalayan ranges from the other side.

Major tourist attractions in Chail apart from the scenic beauty are Hiking, fishing and horse riding. Main tourist attractions in Chail include Chail Sanctuary, Highest Cricket ground, Maharaja Palace and Sidh Baba ka Mandir.

Best time to visit Chail is throughout the year. Winters are very cold and the entire mountain ranges and hills are covered with snow in Chail. However the advisable time for visiting Chail is from May to July in summers. September to November is very colorful season in Chail as it is flowering seasons this time which are suitable for indulging in all kinds of tourist activities.

How to reach Chail in Himachal by bus

Chail is around 350 Kms from delhi and buses to Chail from ISBT Delhi are available. Buses to Chail are also available from Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar and other cities. Local bus services are available from Chail to reach nearby cities. You can also get HRTC Deluxe buses from Shimla to Chail regularly. Distance of Shimla is around 45 km from Chail. Deluxe bus fare is around Rs 200 to Chail from Shimla.

How to reach Chail in Himachal by train

Nearest railway station from Chail is Kalka, around 86 km from Chail. You can hire a Taxi from Kalka to Chail. Frequent buses are also available from Kalka to reach Chail.

Taxi fare from Kalka to Chail is around 1700. Chandimandir Railways station at Chandigarh is around 95 km away from Chail. From Chandigarh number of deluxe and roadways buses are available to Chail as it is well connected to all major cities in India

How to reach Chail in Himachal by Air

Shimla’s Airport is the nearest Airport from Chail

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