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Narghota Dharamshala

 Narghota Dharamshala
Narghota is a small but beautiful village located amidst pine trees and surronded by mesmerising tea gardens about 3 Kms from Kotwali Bazaar Dharamshala. The village has only about 50 households and equal number of families mostly from two communities Rajputs and Royal Gaddis. The people in this part of Dharamshala are very friendly hard working and honest.

All the families are well off as they have their own share of land and houses. People of Narghota have farming lands in the village itself and also in the nearby village Sudher about 2 kms. There is no road from Narghota to Sudher and the people have to walk down through the jungles to reach there.

Problems and challenges of people living in Narghota
Though Narghota village is conected by a road from the main city there is no bus service or other form of local transport plying to Narghota. People have to walk more that 3 kms from Narghota to reach Dharamshala for their day to day works. Most of the residents of Narghota are either in Army or private jobs and live out of the state or city but the once who are employed nearby have to walk all the way to Dharamshala to take a bus.

Children in Narghota has to walk all the way to the city to their schools. Their is only a Government Primary School in Narghota where the standard of education is so poor that people are no longer interested in getting their wards admitted in this school. The school now has not more than 30 students in all the five classes.

The plight of these small kids can be understood when we see them going to the schools early in the morning with heavy bags on the shoulders be it raining or snowing. The school buses refuse to come in this region as they do not find it feasible and viable to come all the way to pick these poor students. They demand such a hefty amont that is not affordable by these people.

Why Narghota has not been developed despite being in close vicinity to the city?
Narghota's drawback is that there are only about 300 votes and no politician is bothered and interested in looking at the problems faced by the residents of Narghota village.

Many intellectuals have advised the government to construct a road from Narghota to adjacent Lanjhani village that will further connect Dharamshala via Narghota to a state highway at Gharoh village but that suggestion has fallen to the deaf ears.

Kishan Kapoor the local MLA who himself was a transport minister could have done that but unfortunately his promises were never met. Another MLA Sarveen Choudhary who represents Lanjhani village has also done nothing on this project so far except for promises.

Narghota as a Tourist Destination
There is no other place better, beautiful and peaceful than Narghota village near Dharamshala. The scenic beauty is amazing with lush green tea gardens in the surroundings.

Very few people who visit Dharamshala are aware that there are such beautiful tea gardens in Narghota Dharamshala. The Tea Factory in Narghota owned by Maan family exports Mann tea to all parts of the world. The panoramic view of the Himalayas and Kangra valley from Narghota is trully enchanting.

Pollution free atmosphere with soothing fragrance of the pine trees is just enthralling and people will love this. The Government need to think about the plight of the people living in Narghota and must hounour its commitments and fulfill the promises they have made since ages.

Government should promote Narghota as a tourist destination and must construct a road from Narghota to Lanjhani. This will benefit the tourists coming from Pathankot side as this road will be a shortcut to reach Dharamshala and also people of Lanjhani village will be benefitted as they will not have to travel 9 Kms to reach Dharamshala via Gharo and Sudher. Residents of Lanjhani village will then need to travel just 4 kms to reach Dharamshala via Narghota.

How to Reach Narghota Dharamshala
Dharamshala is 500 kms from Delhi. There are around 20 buses HRTC and Private plying between Dharamshala and Delhi. HRTC Deluxe Volvo and ordinary buses to Dharamshala are available from ISBT Kashmere gate Delhi. Private buses from Delhi to Dharamshala are available from Majnu Ka Tila near ISBT Delhi.

Route Map and Driving Directions Delhi to Dharamshala
From Delhi you need to take GT Karnal road to reach Ambala via Panipat Kurukshetra. From Ambala take Chandigarh Highway to reach Chandigarh. Delhi to Chandigarh is 250 Kms. From Chandigarh Dharamshala is 250 Kms and you need to take Ropar Nangal highway to reach Una via Anandpur Sahib. From Una take Kangra Jwalaji route to reach Dharamshala.

To reach Narghota from Dharamshala take left from Kainchi Mode towards Chilgari just before the Petrol Pump. From Chilgari you need to take right turn near Microwave station and you will be in Narghota in 5 minutes.

Nearest Airport from Dharamshala is Gaggal Airport about 10 Kms and nearest railway station is Pathankot. Toy trains from Pathankot to Kangra are also available.

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