Monday, January 2

Online Electricity Bill Hamirpur

Online Electricity Bill Hamirpur
People of Hamirpur town and the electricity consumers got the New Year gift of a new billing system. Consumers will now get on the spot electronic machine electric bill. They do not have to wait for long. After Shimla Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh under the pilot project is going to start this service. Consumers can see their electricity bill online. This hi-tech facility is going to meet with them. The new system's billing department to complain of lack of staff over the years would be too far away.
Earlier meter reader used to come to your home check the meter and used to take the reading. He then used to give the details to the department which in turn used to send the Bill to the consumers.
Under this new project the meter reader will have an electric machine and will feed the reading and instant bill will be generated to the consumers. This will save lot of time.
Then data in the machine will be downloaded in the computers and the monthly data will be sent to headquarters at Shimla. The data then will be uploaded on the Internet. The users will be able to check the Bill Online

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