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HRTC Bus Timings - VOLVO AC DELUXE Buses from Main Cities in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh HRTC Bus Schedule and Timings

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HRTC has a vast network of buses and offers bus services to all parts of Himachal and also to Delhi Chandigarh haridwar dehradun Jammu and all major cities of Punjab. Below is the list of buses with timings from various destinations in Himachal Pradesh Delhi Chandigarh Dehradun etc. Himachal Pradesh is connected to all the neighboring states by ffrequest bus service offered by HRTC. The HRTC buses are considered to be safe and comfortable.

 VOLVO AC DELUXE Buses of Himachal Road Transport
Himachal Roadways offers Luxury LCD Buses including Volvo AC, TATA AC, Deluxe, Semi Deluxe, Ordinary buses. Buses are available from Shimla to Delhi, Solan to Delhi, Chandigarh to Manali, Delhi to Manali, Delhi to Shimla, Delhi to Dharamashala, Shimla-Haridwar, Dehradun-Shimla, Dehradun- Dharamshala, Reckong Peo- Delhi, Chandigarh-Reckong Peo and all other main town of Delhi Chandigarh Punjab Haryana Uttarakhand, Jammu Kashmir UP etc

please check the official website of HRTC, Himachal Road Transport Corporation for any change in Bus schedule timings and fare.

Daily buses are available from Shimla to Delhi including Volvo AC Deluxe and Ordinary buses.
HRTC Bus Timings from Karsog - Delhi 12.05 am, Shimla - Delhi (Volvo) 9.45 am, Shimla - Delhi 11.41 am, Shimla - Delhi (Volvo) 11.45 am,

HRTC Bus Timings from Shimla - Delhi (Volvo) 12.45 pm, Krana - Delhi 4.17 pm, Shimla - Delhi 8.35pm Shimla - Delhi (Volvo) 09.30pm,

HRTC Bus Timings from Rohru - Delhi 09.37pm, Shimla - Delhi (Volvo) 10.30pm, Cdhganv - Delhi 11.05pm, 

Buses from Rikangpio - Delhi 11.37pm, Nalagarh - Delhi 8.00pm, Nalagarh - Delhi 8.15pm,

Bus Timings from Nalagarh - Delhi 11.00pm, Sarkagat - Haridwar 12.00am, Shimla - Haridwar 10.50am, Keylong - Haridwar 1.30 pm, 

Buses from Rikangpio - Haridwar 06.17 pm, Karsog - Haridwar 08.15 pm,

Bus Timings from Shimla - Haridwar 09.45 pm, Sarahan - Haridwar 11.00 pm, Shimla - Chandigarh 10.45am, Chhajpur - Chandigarh 01.56 am, Ribba - Chandigarh 07.25pm,

Bus Timings from Dehradun - Chandigarh
3.00 pm, Dharamshala - Dehradun 7.30 am, Manali - Dehradun 8.00 am, Chamba - Dehradun 8.30 am, Amritsar - Dehradun 1.30 pm, Haraseepttan - Dehradun 6.30 pm , Baijnath - Dehradun 7.00 pm, Chandigarh - Dehradun 10.00 pm,

Bus Timings from Solan - Dharamshala 05.15 am, Solan - Jwalaji 06.15 am, Shimla - Nalagarh via Jwalaji 10.30 am, Nahan - Dharamshala 5.50 am, 

Buses from Dehradun - Dharamshala 3.30 pm, Dehradun - Baijnath 8.00 am , Dehradun - Chamba 4.00 pm, Dehradun - Baijnath 6.45 pm,

Bus Timings from Dehradun
- Manikarn 7.30 pm, Dehradun - Shimla 10.00 pm, Rajgarh - Hamirpur 07.15 am, Jakdi - Ambala 02.49 pm, Shimla - Tanakpur 07.11 pm, Nahan - Saharanpur 6.00 am,

HRTC Bus Timings from Vikasnagar - Haraseepttan 6.15 am, Dehradun - Haraseepttan 9.15 pm, Delhi - Manali 9.45 am, Dehradun - Amritsar 10.30 am, Haridwar - Shimla 11.30 am, Haridwar - Rohru 2.00 pm, Paonta - Shimla 3.30 pm, Haridwar - Srkagat 5.00 pm,

HRTC Bus Timings from Dehradun - Manali 06.00 pm, Shimla - Paonta 7.30 pm, Haridwar - Sarkagat 6.30 pm, Dehradun - Shimla 10.00 pm, Haridwar - Janglvarry 10.30 pm

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