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Himachal GK Questions and Answers 2015

Himachal GK questions and Answers - Current GK of Himachal Part 1 - 2015
Are you preparing for an entrance exam for a job in Himachal Pradesh? Are you looking for some important GK Questions of Himachal Pradesh? Below are some Himachal GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams like HPSSC, Administrative Services Exam, Forest Service, and other Exams for various jobs in HP. If you find any discrepancy or error please leave a comment and we will rectify it

Q - Where is Bandli sanctuary located in Himachal?
Ans -  Mandi

Q. Where is Moti Mahal located in HP?
Ans - Nahan

Q -.Who is the author of the book ‘History of Mandi State’?
Ans - Manmohan Singh

Q - Name the birth place of Prof Prem kumar Dhumal?
Ans - Samirpur

Q – Name the Pathankot - Mandi National Highway?
Ans - NH 20

Q – Where is Tirthan Sanctury in HP located
Ans - Kullu

Q – Where is Gouari Shanker Temple located and who built it ?
Ans – Located in Chamba and built by Yuzankar Verma

Q – Where is Hidimba Temple located and who built it?
Ans – Located in Manali and built by RB Singh

Q - Who is Founder of Chamba State?
Ans -  Meru Varma

Q - Who is founder of Jubbel ?
Ans - Karan Chand

Q – When was Dr. Y.S. Parmar University established in HP?
Ans - 1985

Q -Do you know what is area of Una district in HP?

Ans - 1540 sq. km

Q – Where is Dal Lake located in HP?
Ans – Dharamshala (Kangra District)
Q – In which District of HP is Pong Dam located?
Ans - Kangra district

Q – Do you know who built the Maukot fort?
Ans - Salim Shah Sur

Q – Name the first Chief Minister CM of Himachal?
Ans - Y.S. Parmar

Q – Name the smallest district of Himachal Area wise?
Ans - Hamirpur

Q – Name the place with Highest rainfall in HP?
Ans - Dharamshala

Q – Who is the author of the book Prachin himachal?
Ans - L.C. Parathi

Q - Where in Himachal is Dashahar Lake located?
Ans - Near Mandali (Kullu)

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