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How to Plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh within my Budget - Best Hill Stations in India

How to Plan a Trip within my Budget - Weekend destinations
Every human being poor or rich dreams to go out for vacation in a nice place out of his home town or village. Parents also want their children to show different places during the holidays. There is a huge economic disparity in our country. In the same locality you will find people going to various tourist destinations in India abroad and there are others who just regret not being able to go anywhere due to financial crunch. The inflation is so high that people are struggling to make their ends meet so it is next to impossible for them to spend thousands in a vacation. Their children in particular who are still not aware of these financial discrepancies end up asking the parents why they cannot go on a holiday. While in the playground they feel the complex within the group when the friends discuss about their holiday plans or about their recent amazing trip to the famous tourist destinations.
We cannot deny the fact that despite their wish the parents can’t make it because of the obvious reasons discussed above. But it does not mean that you cannot plan a trip to the same place where your friends had planned or where your children’s friends had a blast.
Some tips to plan a trip within a budget
Here are some tips which will help you to plan a trip to the The Best Places in Himachal at less than half the cost the others have enjoyed. First I will show you how you can plan an exquisite trip to Himachal for a week in less than Rs 10000 for a week. The same trip would have cost your friends about Rs 30000.
Example 1 – A Family of four (with 2 children) planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh for 5-7 days
You just missed out last year because you had a limited budget and this year also your budget is about Rs 10000 so you may avoid and leave your children heartbreaking again. Because your friend’s trip cost him 30000 doesn’t mean that you are unable to go on vacation to the same place with Rs 10000 in hand. Get ready and learn the tricks now so that you make your spouse and children happy and spend some quality time with them in today’s chaotic life.
You can plan a trip to Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Kangra, Chamunda Devi Jwalaji Temple and some more destinations. If you are living in Delhi or at the same distance about 500 Km
Your friend went in a Volvo AC Bus – Fare Rs 1000x4 = 4000 Total to and Fro fare = Rs 8000
Please note that AC buses are not required when you are planning a trip to Himachal. The pollution free cool air is much better that AC compact bus
You go by HRTC NON AC Deluxe Bus - You pay Rs 400x4 = 1600 Total To and Fro fare = Rs 3200
You also stayed in the same hotels or equivalent where your friend stayed for 5 days
Your friend paid through Make My Trip – Rs 2000x5 = Rs 10000
Please note that the hotels pay 50% commission to the booking portals. You will not book through the portals but you searched the individual hotels through internet and paid Rs 1000 for the same so your hotel cost = Rs 1000X5 = 5000
The only advantage your friend had that he booked his independent Taxi for site seeing. Even that was not a wise decision for example while in Mcleodganj the Taxi will charge about Rs 1000 for 4 hours within a radius of 4-5 kms. All the site seeing points are within 2 km range from Mcleodganj. Walking the destination in the hills is really a heavenly feeling. That is the real enjoyment when you get the feel of the place. Bhagsunag is 2 km amazing and breathtaking walk from Mcleodganj. The road to Dharamkot about 2 km from Mcleodganj is lush green with huge deodar trees on both the sides. Naddi village is at a walking distance through lush green jungles. The Church is located amidst magnificent deodar trees.

Your kids will love to walk on the dust free zones with exotic fragrance of the flora surrounding the roads. Do not miss the International Cricket Stadium located in lower Dharamshala. The share taxis charge Rs 20 per person to commute from upper to lower Dharamshala and vice versa.
Chamunda Devi Temple is located about 15 Km from Dharamshala and after every 15-30 minutes you will get a bus to Chamunda from Dharamshala. While coming back to your home you can visit Kangra Brajeshwari Temple, Jwalaji Temple and Chitpurni Temple on the way.
You can also plan one day site seeing at Chandigarh on the last day. Chandigarh Tourisms Site seeing buses are available and will show you all the important places including Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, and Rose Garden in less than Rs 200 per person.
This way you can plan a trip in a limited budget that you have. You just need to be a smart traveler. So friends do let you children not be in complex and give them the best vacations this season.
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How to Plan a Trip to Himachal Learn now


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