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Unforgettable Trip from Delhi to Dharamshala Mcleodganj - Weekend destination

How to Plan your Trip to Mcleodganj Dharamshala from Delhi 

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It was month of May and the schools in Delhi NCR had declared their summer vacations for one and half month. Last year we had an exotic and amazing trip to Kashmir. This time around my son was again eager to go to some hill station. I just thought nothing better than Himachal Pradesh.Why not Mcleodganj Dharamshala this year. We decided that we will drive this time to Dharamshala all the way from Delhi.

The driving directions from Delhi to Dharamshala Mcleodganj are too simple. We need to take GT karnal road from Delhi. It will take about four hours to reach Chandigarh from Delhi via Panipat, Karnal and Ambala.

We stared our journey in the evening at around 5 PM so that we cross Delhi before the peak hour traffic. My advise to all the people driving from Delhi to Chandigarh is to maintain the speed limit. It is highly likely that the traffic cops would fine you for over speeding in this highway. Thanks to one of my old friend for this suggestions and it saved me.

Though you would be tempted to drive beyond the speed limit of 100 make sure that you do not exceed the limit otherwise you may end up paying heavy fine or meet with an accident. So mind it friends!!

On the way there are many outlets where you can have snacks, tea or dinner. It is up to you to decide where you want to have your meals. Here also I would like to give one suggestion. Please do not stop on the secluded place or a Dhaba where you do not find any customers. It is better you stop and enjoy at the places like Pind Baluchi, Nirulla's, Havelli or many other spots which offers good quality meals along with entertainment for your kids.

After having our dinner at Chandigarh at around 9PM we moved ahead and took the Ropar Nangal Una Road. Una is about 120 kms from Chandigarh. The roads are excellent and signal free and within two hours we touched Mehatpur which lies on Himachal Punjab Border. After crossing the Barrier we decided to spend the remaining time in a hotel. It was already 11 PM and though it is safe to drive in Himachal in the night we did not want to take a chance. If you are not expert in driving in hills please do not drive.

We stayed in a hotel that night 4 kms before Una city and next morning after having our breakfast the enchanting journey to the Himalayas began at 8AM. We crossed UNA, then AMB, Mubarakpur, Bharwain. The famous Chintpurni Temple is also located about 5 kms from Bharmai. You can take the straight route or if you wish to pay visit to the Mata Chintpurni Temple you can take that route and catch the Kangra route again.

We took the straight route and reached Dehra soon. The Beas River flowing down the bridge near Dehra was truly mesmerizing. I think that was the beginning of the heavenly feeling on the hills. Dehra is a small town in Kangra District. From Dehra you can go straight to Kangra or take another route via Jwalaji Temple. If you have sufficient amount of time you can always visit Jwalaji Temple either while going to Dharamshala or while coming back.

At 11 AM we were in the sacred Kangra town. The gigantic Dhauladhar ranges were so near we can see and feel that. Our destination was so near now, only 18 kms from Kangra. The AC in the car was switched off as the cool breeze was inviting and telling us to come fast.

The smell of the air was so soothing now and after every 2-3 kms we can see streams of water and rivulets with crystal clear water. The local people call these small rivulets, Khad.

The journey from Kangra to Dharamshala was enthralling and the pollution free atmosphere was delightful. Lets hope and wish that the beauty of the mountains and hills is maintained. All the tourists and travelers also need to understand that the need of the hour is to protect the environment from all kinds of pollution.

Finally we reached our destination and the feeling was altogether different in Dharamshala.

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