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Did Dev Anand Study in Dharamshala

Dev Anand is no more now. He died of cardiac arrest in London. This is a sad day for the Indian Movie Lovers. Dev Anand was a style icon of 50s and 60s and experimented various hai styles, looks and fashion during those days. The Hero of the youth in those days Dev Anand was a huge hit among the youngsters.

Dev Anand was born in Pakistan and studied English Literature in a college in Lahore. It is much talked about among the students in Himachal Pradesh that Dev Anand also studied in Government PG College Dharamshala which was established in 1905. However it has not been authenticated. It can be true as well because Government College Dharamshala was the only college in this region in those days.

After his Graduation Dev Anand worked as a clerk but his passion for movies took him to Mumbai and after that it is a history. He got his first break in 1946 and never looked back since then.

Dev Anand had his own way and choices of movies which were far ahead of his times. He loved Surraya but could not marry her due to some reasons.

Whether he studied in Dharamshala or not, people in this part of country loved him and still enjoy his movies and songs which are all legendary.

I spoke to few people who have studied in Dharamshala during 50s and 60s and they told that there was lot of Buzz around that Dev Anand had studied in Government college Dharamshala before he went to Lahore for doing his MA. They also told that there was a photograph of Dev Anand at Dharamshala College playing Tennis. He was style icon right from the college days and always aspired to be a film star.

Yes finally I got to get some information about Dev Anand's stint in Government College Dharamshala. Himmail has published one article and photograph of Dev Anand when he used to study in Dharamshala. His

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