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General Knowledge of Himachal Pradesh – HP GK Questions and Answers for entrance Exams

General Knowledge of Himachal Pradesh – HP GK Questions and Answers for entrance Exams 2018
Area of the state of Himachal Pradesh is 55673 sq km. Area of HP till 1951 was 27,169 Sq Km
Altitude of Shivalik also known as Manak Mountains mountains in HP is up to 1000m
The 2 major mountains of the inner Himalayas are Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar
Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh was included on 1 july 1954.
The first chief commissioner of Himachal Pradesh was Mr N.C Mehta.
In first general elections in India in 1951 the number of member of legislative assembly in Himachal was 36
The first HP Territorial Council was formed in the year 1956
In November 1, 1966 he Hilly areas of Punjab were included Himachal Pradesh
The first Governor of Himachal Pradesh was S. Chakorvarthy
Average rainfall in Himachal Pradesh is1600mm
Arjikiya is the Vedic name of river VYAS river
River Baspa is a tributary of river Sutlej
Sutlej is also known as red river in Himachal Pradesh?
Capital of HP is Shimla

Total number of Districts in Himachal Pradesh is12
Hindi and Pahari are the languages Spoken by People in Himachal Pradesh
Himachal became Centrally Administered Territory on November 1,1956 and HP got the 'C' state status in the year1957
Himachal Pradesh Day (Himachal got the status on January 25 1971. HP became 18th state of India.
The first State first Chief Minister of Himachal was Dr Y.S.Parmar
The First chairman of Territorial council of Himachal Pradesh was Thakur Karam Singh
Total Assemble seats in HP (Vidhan Sabha seats) 68
Total Lok sabha seats (Parliament Seats in HP) 4
Total HP Rajya sabha seats: 3
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