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Kali Bari Temple Shimla

Kali Bari Mandir Shimla

Kalibari Temple is one of the most famous and religious temples in Shimla. Kali Bari Mandir of Shimla is also one of the most admired and visited tourist attractions in Shimla.  Kali Bari Temple is located near the Mall in Shimla. The temple of Kali Bari in Shimla was built in 1845. There is one more famous Kali Bari Temple located in Delhi near Gol Market. The Kali Bari Temples are dedicated to Goddess Kali also known as Shyamala.

It is believed that the name Shimla has been derived from Shyamala the other name of Goddess Kali or Durga.
The original Kali Bari Temple was situated in Jakhu Hills the highest point in Shimla. However during the British Raj the Kali Bari temple was shifted to a lower region near the Mall Road in Shimla.

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